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Becky LeBeau - Official List Of Credits

Becky LeBeau - The Queen of Pay Per View


* "BACK TO SCHOOL" (Co-Ed in hot tub w/Rodney Dangerfield) "Bubbles" Orion Film Corp/Alan Metter
* "BODY CHEMISTRY III - POINT OF SEDUCTION" (Exhibitionist) New Horizons
* "BIKINI DRIVE-IN" (Candy) American Ind. Productions
* "DINOSAUR ISLAND" (Virgin Sacrifice) Wyn-Ray Productions
* "HOLLYWOOD HOT TUBS" (Sandy) Borde Productions
* "THE UNDERACHEIVERS" (Ginger Bronsky) Vestron
* "TRANSYLVANIA TWIST" (Rita) Concorde/New Horizons
* "NOT OF THIS EARTH" (Birthday Girl) Concorde/New Horizons
* "TAKING IT ALL OFF" (Becky) Vestron
* "JOY STICKS" (Liza) Graydon Clark Prod.
* "SCHOOL SPIRIT" (Sorrority Girl) Omni Films
* "MUNCHIE STRIKES BACK" (Lawnmower victim) New Horizons
* "SINS OF DESIRE" (Sandy) Cinetel

Music Video

* "DAVID LEE ROTH" (California Girls) Jerry Kramer Prod.
* "DAVID LEE ROTH" (Just A Gigolo) Jerry Kramer Prod.
* "VAN HALEN" (Jump) Jerry Kramer Prod.
* "ARSENIO HALL" (OWWWW!) Jerry Kramer Prod./Visual Eyes
* "FASTER PUSSYCAT" (You're So Vain) DNA Prod.
* "LOVER BOY" (Lovin Every Minute of It)
* "AUTOGRAPH" (Send Her To Me)


* "JAKE SPANNER-PRIVATE EYE" (Girl In Van) USA Cable Network
* "WAR AND REMEMBRANCE" (Becky, M. Connor's Girlfriend) ABC Mini Se-ries/Dan Curtis
* "THE JOAN RIVERS SHOW" (B-Movie Babes) Syndicated
* "EXCITNG WRLD of SPEED/BEAUTY" (Featured Model) NBC-TV/OEF Prod.
* "CANDID CAMERA" (Gag Accomplice) Alan Funt CBS-TV
* "EYE ON L.A." (French Swimwear) Triple Crown Prod./ABC-TV
* "CALIFORNIA GIRLS" (Personal Profile Segment) Triple Crown Prod./ABC-TV
* "BEST CHEST IN THE WEST II" (Co-Hostess/Pat McCormick) Burt Rhine Prod.
* "HARD COPY" ("Invasion of the B Girls") NBC-TV "ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT" (Personal Profile Segment) __NBC-TV

Playboy Magazine

* Girls Of Pac10 (For University of Southern California)
* Girls Of Rock n'Roll
* B'Movie Bimbos
* Australian Playboy Centerfold
* Kathy St. George Centerfold Issue
* Entertaining Women Newstand Edition
* College Girls Newstand Edition
* Various Grapevine appearances
* Various special edition flats etc.


* Hot Pink TV, Volumes I-III (2006)(Producer/Director)
* Centerfold Screen Test (1985)
* Best Chest in the West II (1986) (Hostess)
* Becky Bubbles (1987)
* Soft Bodies Invitational (1990)
* Soft Bodies Curves Ahead (1991)
* Soft Bodies Party Favors (1992)
* Soft Bodies Squeeze Play (1993)
* Soft Bodies Double Exposure (1994)
* Soft Bodies Beyond Blonde (1995)
* Soft Bodies Show 'n Tell (1996)
* Soft Bodies Pillow Talk (Released for home video, August 1996)
* Soft Bodies Bathing Beauties (Pay per view release August 1996. Home video release January 1997)
* Soft Bodies All American Girls (Pay per view release - December 1996. Home video release June 1997)
* Soft Bodies Foreign Affairs (Pay per view release - June, 1997)
* Soft Bodies Sweethearts (1998)
* Soft Bodies Pajama Party (1999)
* Pin Ups! Hollywood Centerfolds (1999)
* Becky LeBeau's Party Girls I (as Hostess, 1999)
* Becky LeBeau's Party Girls II (as Hostess, 1999)
* Becky LeBeau's Party Girls III (as Hostess, 1999)
* Becky LeBeau's Party Girls IV (as Hostess, 1999)

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